Annual Show Rules and Regulations

  1. Anyone who needs help to bring an exhibit to the Show should contact a Board member or officer.
  2. The Club assumes no financial responsibility for mechanical failure, fire, theft, or severe weather.
  3. There is no admission charge for exhibitors. Any member of the St. Joe Valley Old Engine Association, Inc. who is not an exhibitor must have a current membership for free entry or pay the gate admission.
  4. Each food concession is required to pay a fee of 10% of its gross sales. Payment must be made to the Club Treasurer before the concession leaves the showgrounds.
  5. Flea market fees are $10 per day or $25 for all three days (per space). Each flea market display is entitled to two (2) free admissions. All additional persons must pay at the gate admission of $5 per person per day (no charge on Sunday). For further information, contact Mary Shirk, 269-278-4965.
  6. The Grounds Chairman, or one of his/her assistants, will be in charge of placing all exhibits. Unless special permission is given by the Board, no exhibits will be placed in the wooded area next to the Food Shoppe or the area around the South end of the parade route.
  7. Anyone who brings an exhibit that is dangerous to children, must make arrangements to rope or fence it off.
  8. Each exhibitor should bring a bucket and an extinguisher to help with fire protection.
  9. Any engine left running while unattended will be shut off.
  10. Engines should not run over their rated RPM. Engines will be checked if necessary.
  11. No sprockets or extended flywheel keys are allowed on engines.
  12. Please use common sense and limit the number of riders on your tractor.
  13. For the protection of people and vehicles, all tractors are to be kept out of the parking, camping, and flea market areas, unless special permission is given by the Board. The driving of all tractors is restricted to the parade route at a reasonable speed with the exception of garden tractors and golf carts.
  14. Please keep motorized equipment off the West hill (where the flagpole is). It is roped off for your safety, as well as everyone else’s. Pedestrian traffic is welcome.
  15. Anyone seen driving anything in an unsafe manner will be asked to park the vehicle. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave. Any member can address this with discretion.
  16. Club’s Stone Boats – Do not load lug wheel tractors on the stone boats. Do not load or unload equipment or people while the stone boats are moving. The brakes on the loaded tractor must be set. Do not allow the pulling tractor to dig in. If you do not use the stone boats safely, you will not be allowed to use them at all.
  17. No alcoholic beverages on the showgrounds during the Show, please.
  18. Anyone who digs a hole for leveling an engine, a camper, or for any other purpose must fill it in when they are finished.
  19. No open campfires are allowed on the showgrounds. Fire must be contained in a burner.
  20. All tractors, engines, etc. are to remain off during the church service on Sunday (approximately 9:15-10:00 am), and during flag raisings and lowerings.
  21. The fire lanes and the drives in the club camping and flea market areas must be kept open at all times.
  22. Please do not leave your trucks and trailers parked in the loading dock area for an extended amount of time. This area must be kept clear.
  23. All tractors, trailers, and vehicles on the showgrounds need to be chocked.
  24. Sign-up for the St. Joe County Fair exhibit will be held at the Annual Show. September 1 is the last day for sign-up. You will receive a confirmation call.

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